Actinomyces isolates from terrestrial and marine sediment

The next item on the to-buy list is a USB microscope/camera attachment.…

New Streptomyces - New synthesis step - and soon, a new lab (hopefully)

Many a hastily packed column have been run in the past few weeks,…

Environmental isolation of actinomycetes from terrestrial and saline soil

Being part way through the awesome book Experiment Eleven has…

Santa brings some chemicals and a brand new UPLC-Q-TOF-MS

With the arrival of some grant money, and the help of Waters,…

Driving around in a van with a LCMS

So I've either completely lost my mind or I've finally caught…
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Scale up week: GRAMS ON GRAMS

Going to be a short post as I've been pretty busy in the lab,…

A nice entry

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean…

Waka-Flaka-Flame would be proud...going hard in the lab

So the past two weeks have been pretty hectic, as I try to…

Pyridine catalyzed acylation of Meldrum's acid en route to a β-keto ester

We're attempting our first multi-step synthesis and have finally…

Recrystalization of Meldrum's acid from acetone - Prepping for the pilot reaction

So the reagents for the synthesis are finally almost all here,…