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New Streptomyces – New synthesis step – and soon, a new lab (hopefully)

Many a hastily packed column have been run in the past few weeks, and so to have many plates been poured.  The synthesis has been put on hold due mainly to the fact that I don’t trust working with the sodium cyanoborohydride in the 60 year old fume hoods at our lab, which sometimes when the […]

Environmental isolation of actinomycetes from terrestrial and saline soil

Being part way through the awesome book Experiment Eleven has inspired me to get out into the field more as Schatz did and take more soil samples.  The Streptomyces are slow growing as compared to other bacteria and the production of secondary metabolites can be influenced heavily by growth media.  The plan is to start with […]

Driving around in a van with a LCMS

So I’ve either completely lost my mind or I’ve finally caught a break.  I managed to grab a full LCMS (single quadrupole) system complete with high vacuum pumps and software from some very kind people who believe in me.  Although getting a 400 volt direct line in my parent’s basement won’t be possible, at least […]

Scale up week: GRAMS ON GRAMS

Going to be a short post as I’ve been pretty busy in the lab, even sleeping there a few nights so I can wake up and get to it the next day.  I just think of it as practice for graduate school! Scaled up the acylation reaction and recovered 21g of product which was ~62% […]

Waka-Flaka-Flame would be proud…going hard in the lab

So the past two weeks have been pretty hectic, as I try to assemble some teaching labs for some basic biotech skills such as transformations and PCR, while simultaneously trying to attempt the multi-step synthesis of the first synthetic target for downstream biological testing.   Waiting on chemical suppliers can be slow, but the arrival of our reducing agent […]

Pyridine catalyzed acylation of Meldrum’s acid en route to a β-keto ester

We’re attempting our first multi-step synthesis and have finally gotten off the chalkboard, out of the notebook, and into the lab.   We’re starting with a small 500mg pilot reaction to make sure everything is in working order before we scale up.  As all of the reagents are being paid for out of pocket, mistakes […]

Recrystalization of Meldrum’s acid from acetone – Prepping for the pilot reaction

So the reagents for the synthesis are finally almost all here, last one should arrive today.  While we’ve been waiting for things to arrive we’ve been trying to get the NMR at school back up and running.  A lack of nitrogen for the high pressure tank kept me from running any samples today though sadly, so […]