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Been a while since I’ve updated.  We have a bunch of photos we need to upload of what happened to all the fungal cultures, so hopefully that will come within the next week.  In the meantime, I happened upon a pretty neat new piece of software, thanks to the diybio google group found at called Genome Compiler.


The founder and CEO of Genome Compiler was nice enough to give me permission to use some of the artwork on the website, so I’ve done a small update to provide an image which links to the company’s website.  In addition, he has made himself available on the DIYbio group, sharing lots of information, taking feedback, and offering help, which in my mind says many good things about the people working on this software.

The software is in the alpha testing stage, but it is still fun to play around with, cutting genes out of one organism and pasting them into a plasmid or another organism.   I spent a few hours shuffling genes around and reading up on BioBricks, so there is still a lot you can do even in this early stage of the software’s development.  I imagine when it is finally released it will be a pretty decent tool for synthetic biologists.  Give it a download and a try.


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    • Dakota
      Dakota says:

      Hey Omri, thanks a lot for offering us access to Genome Compiler’s logo. I think it’s great how much you interact with all of us DIYBio folks. I’ve done a small update and included a logo that links to the GC website. Can’t wait to watch the software grow into its next phases.


      • omri Drory
        omri Drory says:

        Hi Dakota, no problem.

        I’m very passionate about this field and about the need for what we are building. Users who talk about our software is like people talking about my baby – I’m involved because I care.

        Hope to build something that you and the community would love and use

        Thanks again for writing about us and trying Genome Compiler!



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