Blog Elements

You can display blog posts in various ways with the “Blog Post” element/shortcode. You can see one example here and even more at the blog main menu item of this demo.

Waka-Flaka-Flame would be proud...going hard in the lab

So the past two weeks have been pretty hectic, as I try to…

Pyridine catalyzed acylation of Meldrum's acid en route to a β-keto ester

We're attempting our first multi-step synthesis and have finally…

Recrystalization of Meldrum's acid from acetone - Prepping for the pilot reaction

So the reagents for the synthesis are finally almost all here,…

Streptomyces avermitilis and Streptomyces coelicolor

  Just a quick update that our donated strain samples…

DNA Barcoding of fungal endophytes followed by DNA sequencing

So while we're waiting for some reagents to come in for…

Cultivate friendship and do cool science

So the past two weeks have been pretty crazy, in a good way.…