New Streptomyces – New synthesis step – and soon, a new lab (hopefully)

Many a hastily packed column have been run in the past few weeks, and so to have many plates been poured.  The synthesis has been put on hold due mainly to the fact that I don’t trust working with the sodium cyanoborohydride in the 60 year old fume hoods at our lab, which sometimes when the fan cuts out, blows backwards.  The new UPLC-MS will also be going online this week so the hood where it vents to has been cleaned out to facilitate making that happen.

I ordered some Pd on carbon and will instead try to run a hydrogenation reaction.


The synthesis aside, we’ve moved forward with an experiment to isolate actinomycetes from soil, and the pictures below are of some of the isolates, as well as some of the dilution plates.  One of the pictures is of 5 Streptomyces species isolated and vertically streaked on a NA plate for assay testing against a few organisms.  The satellite colonies are actually not contaminants but places where spores fell off the cotton swab used during inoculation.  There is a lot going on right now behind the scenes and so for now I just have a bunch of pictures and not to many words.

0110151758 0110151705 0108151618 0108151612 0108151611 0108151538a1222141809 0108151538 0108151532 0108151531e Butenolide Column0108151531a

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