Santa brings some chemicals and a brand new UPLC-Q-TOF-MS

1029141051With the arrival of some grant money, and the help of Waters, a brand new top of the line MS has been added to the laboratory.  Once fully setup in the next couple of weeks, it will drastically improve the natural product discovery capabilities of the department, and will serve as a fantastic learning tool for many students.   I am interested in how well their databases will be able to identify unknown compounds and how useful the machine will be in the dereplication of NP’s.


I re-plated some Streptomyces coelicolor M145 and Streptomyces avermitilis for use in some future testing, and I’d like some practice in making spore stocks.

You can see the beginning of actinorhodin production in coelicolor to the right, though spore formation has not yet taken place as in avermitilis which is the brown pigment producer.



1125141428The butenolide reaction has been reaching completion at around one hour with the disappearance of the acylated Meldrum’s acid as well as the protected dihydroxyacetone, and formation of the blue butenolide from condensation of the esterification product.

I tried a soil dilution plating while bored one day, and a lot of fungi was on there.  I need to remake plates with propionic acid and nalidixic acid to inhibit fungi/molds and gram negative bacteria, favoring the isolation of gram positive actinomycetes.

Pretty boring post but some cool pictures.  Saw the mansions in Newport, RI and that was both depressing and motivational.  Separation of my last protection reaction was pretty bad, to much DMF left over.  I made an improvement on the protection reaction by switching to DCM and using a different catalyst, so no more dealing with large volumes of DMF on columns.   The bottom spot was my product.


1123141008 1122141305 1122141209 1120140946 1120140939 1123141402

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