Actinomyces isolates from terrestrial and marine sediment

The next item on the to-buy list is a USB microscope/camera attachment.  Holding up the cell phone while trying to get a good focus through a dissection scope is awful, but it works.   Below you’ll see a few pictures of some organisms I’ve isolated from the soil recently, a terrestrial and marine sample.  The Streptomyces have been pretty easy to identify, but my skills lack in the morphological ID department when it comes to Norcardia, Pseudonoracdia, Micromonospora.

The new Waters Xevo GS-2 Q-TOF is up and running and it’s been nice to be able to see what’s going on in my organic synthesis reactions in a matter of 5 minutes instead of running a column to get HNMR spectras.  A specialist is supposed to be coming in soon to train a professor and myself on the advanced uses of the Q-TOF, and supply us with a natural products spectral database which will be nice.

I’ve been speaking with some really great PI’s across the country recently in search of a PhD program and that’s been encouraging, though I wish I could be in a PhD program tomorrow!  Waiting for the acceptance cycles isn’t that fun, but in the meantime it forces me into the lab each day to further pursue the studies of quorum sensing and signalling in Streptomyces.

This post wasn’t meant to be a long one, or a technical one, just to share some recent pictures of some organisms I havn’t yet fully identified as I wait for 16s primers for barcoding.


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